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Lush, Us?

“You know, you sound like you’re becoming a bit of a lush” says N. to me, “…what with the vodka cocktails and all”. By “and all” he probably meant my flirtations with cognac, porter and the occasional curious wine.

Oh dear. Was I really starting to sound like a pickled spud?

I pondered this as I sat in Mulligan’s during last Thursday’s Arthur’s Day festivities, sipping, in point of fact, a pint of water, albeit served in a Guinness glass. I admit that the glass would have been filled with Guinness were it not for the fact that I was stuffed to the gills, having had the pleasure, earlier that evening, of meeting Oyster Food & Culture and her mum for dinner (and, er, wine) in 101 Talbot.

I don’t suppose it would help the situation any to mention that the night before the vodka cocktail episode, I was in attendance at a wine-and-menu-tasting affair at Enowine and their soon-to-be-relaunched restaurant, La Cuvee. No, I don’t suppose it would.

Part of the Enomatic wine sampling system

Part of the Enomatic sampling system

Seeing as my reputation is shot anyway, I may as well tell you that I was impressed with Enowine’s self-service Enomatic sampling system, with a goodly range of bottles set up to dispense 30ml samples. The system is such that the wine is dispensed without allowing oxygen back into the bottle, so each drop should taste as it would were the bottle freshly opened. You just load your Enomatic card with credit and select your tipples at will. For the record, my favourite of the night was the lovely Clonakilla shiraz.

Not just wine, but food at La Cuvee

Not just wine, but food

Lest you think I am beyond redemption, I hasten to add that the evening wasn’t just about wine. La Cuvee treated us to food too, for which I am always thankful. Fishcake, sea-bream with asparagus risotto and chocolate pudding with pistachio ice cream. I rolled home afterward, burping (in a good way) as I went. I wish them luck with their restaurant relaunch.

Speaking of restaurants, I’m told that Dine in Dublin is back, where, from October 12th to 18th, a range of city centre restaurants will be offering 3 course dinner menus for either €25 or €30 per head. (And no, the price does not include any vino. I checked.)

If posh nosh in general is your thing, then Whoseview, a newly established local review site, tell me that users who accumulate 2000 points by means of their reviewing prowess can claim a free 1 year G Club membership. That, in turn, allows them to claim healthy discounts in a range of fine dining establishments (not to mention an excuse to write even more reviews).

After all that, I find I’m getting a bit thirsty. Just as well I’ve signed up for the Curious Wines Dublin tasting on Nov. 6th then, isn’t it?


  1. Jenni

    Personally, I don’t think you should have to justify your predilections, DS. ;) And your reputation continues to shine! I lift my glass of whatever-happens-to-be-on-hand and drink to you, Madam. :)

  2. The Diva on a Diet

    We have a place similar to Enowine here, with those cards and auto dispensers. So much fun, but terribly spendy! The husband and I dropped a bundle there in a very short amount of time. Yikes!

    Oh, and love your clever title, Spud! Happy weekend!

  3. jenn

    Oh, I wouldn’t worry about it. Your rep is perfectly in tact. hehe… That’s a pretty neat way to sample some wines. I think there’s a place here in the states that dispenses wine tastings like that. New York, maybe?

  4. The Duo Dishes

    We have our dineLA that starts in a couple of days. Not as fun as saying we’re eating in Ireland though. Oh, and there’s no such thing as a lush…just someone with a fond appreciation!

  5. OysterCulture

    Oh dear, I feel guilty thinking you could only drink water on Arthur’s big night. I promise on your next trip to SF to make it up with some foodie field trip to Sonoma or some such place to try to match the wonderful evening you showed me and my mom. By the way, you were not the only one that was stuffed – thank goodness my mom and I walked back to the hotel – we needed a bit of exercise after that delicious meal. I owe you a picture, which you should get soon.

    The upcoming culinary events sound like so much fun, and I look forward to reading your culinary adventures.

  6. Daily Spud

    Jenni: I’ll drink to that!

    Diva: I could see how a place like that would be terribly spendy – the credit we had on our cards was gone in no time at all!

    jenn: ah thanks :) I hadn’t seen a sampling system like it before but I’d have no doubt that there are others like it scattered about the place.

    Duo Dishes: a fond appreciation, that is indeed what I have; and maybe we could do a city swap sometime – you come dine with me in Dublin, then I come dine with you in LA?

    OysterCulture: no need to feel guilty at all – I was thankful about the lack of Guinness drinking the next morning :) And a Sonoma trip or similar sounds great – I think that my next trip to the Bay Area will need to be way longer than the last one!

  7. Tangled Noodle

    The hubs and I have taken to adult libations most evenings (just last night, we had a Moscow Mule, something that Diva on a Diet introduced us to) and I occasionally wonder if I’m turning into a lush m’self. But then again, a little pickling is a great preservative! 8-) I just read about a Norwegian study that found teetotalers were more depressed that we imbibers. They don’t call them ‘spirits’ for nothing!

    Continue to enjoy, as long as you keep sharing (blog-wise; I don’t expect you to ship me a bottle or two – unless you’re so inclined . . . in which case, I accept.)

  8. Daily Spud

    Hear, hear, TN. Here’s to continued good spirits on both our parts!

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