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Rate My Kitchen Fail

The truth is, folks, that not everything that pops into the what-shall-I-make-now compartment in my brain turns into kitchen gold.

A case in point is last Sunday’s baked alaska-like effort. It was no more than a ginger-nut biscuit base plus frozen berries plus vanilla ice cream plus meringue, but (a) it revealed that my meringue technique needs work and (b) as a whole, it was just awfully sweet (and I mean awful in the tragic sense). It was only salvaged by the addition of lots of plain yoghurt and lots more frozen berries. Ho hum.

Baked Alaska, kinda

Baked Alaska, kinda

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Spud Sunday: Heart of Spudness

Attn: All Spuds
c/o Central Vegetable Patch, Back Garden

Sorry spuds. Mea culpa. I thought I was doing you a favour but, in fact, I was giving you too much of a good thing. Nitrogen, I mean. An essential nutrient, yes, but too much of the stuff and you were all about the above-ground show of foliage, with nary a thought for the tuberage down below. No, you were not to blame for the low yields and I, for my part, will know better next time.

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A Highly Spirited Affair

The invitation went something like this:

Dear Spud,

Hennessy would like you to come and sample some cognac and cocktails. Thursday, 3.30pm. You free?

Yours etc.

Notwithstanding the fact that I am not much of a brandy drinker, I recognise free drink when I see it the need to go forth and sample such things for the greater good of my readers. Besides, I am fond of brandy butter, brandy snaps and I’ve even been known to have the odd brandy alexander, so it’s not like I had a massive aversion to the task at hand.

Seeing Hennessy in a new light

Seeing Hennessy in a new light

So, with my sampling boots on, I headed off for what turned out to be quite an educational affair (honest, guv).

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