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Spud Sunday: I’ve Been Shunned

To shun:

  1. To avoid deliberately; to keep away from.
  2. To bestow with gifts of really swish Shun knives.

Luckily, in my case, it’s the latter definition that applies. On account of having come so far to attend IFBC this weekend, I was presented with a very slick Shun paring knife, all the better to peel potatoes with. This was on top of the Shun Chef’s knife which was included in the outrageously lavish and weighty bag of goodies which all of the conference attendees got from Sur La Table.

My new Shun knives

My new sharpies

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Smells Like Ice Cream To Me

Actually, right now I’m smelling coffee in Seattle but last week I smelled lilac and thought ice cream.

Now, it’s not the first time that I’ve stopped at the lilac bush outside my front door to inhale its glorious perfume. It’s also by no means the first time that I’ve thought about ice cream (I do that more or less every time the sun shines). It’s just the first time that I’ve known one to cause the other.

Lilac florets

Do these smell like ice cream to you?

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