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A Seedy Offer

Before I get started, I should say that the following is really only going to be of interest to the Spud readership in Ireland. Just sayin’, so don’t say I didn’t tell you so. I’m newly arrived back in the ol’ sod and thought, after all that gallivanting, that the locals should get a bit of my attention.

[Watches as the foreign readers remain undecided as to whether to stay and gradually start shuffling away]

The other thing to note is that this will mainly be of interest to those who fancy putting on the gardening gloves and growing their own french beans.

[More hesitation as possessors of non-green-coloured-fingers hover same over their back buttons]

It may also be of some interest if you like yoghurt.

[...a few hardy souls left]

Now, for all you Irish-based, french-bean-growing yoghurt lovers, here’s the deal.


Those makers of fine yoghurt, Glenisk, in conjunction with the The Organic Centre, are giving away organic french bean seeds (and guidance on how to grow them) to the first 10,000 takers. You sign up here and they will send you seeds. It seems roughly that simple. There are terms and conditions – mainly that you need to be resident in Ireland – but I warned you about that one already, didn’t I?

And, there’s a special incentive for Daily Spuddites. If you sign up to get your free seeds and quote “dailyspud01” as the partner code, Glenisk will also enter you into a draw for a month’s supply of their organic yoghurts. So there.

Now, I should say that Glenisk haven’t given me loads of yoghurt for doing this. As it happens, I usually make my own yoghurt, but when I don’t, I often buy Glenisk, but not that they knew that. It also happens that I am already the proud possessor of french bean seeds from the Organic Centre, some of which are already poking their first leaves above the ground. They didn’t know that either. They just thought that my Irish-based, french-bean-growing, yoghurt-loving readers might like to know about the offer. I thought they’d like to know too.


  1. Tangled Noodle

    Hmmmm . . . I’m one for three (yoghurt rules!) but more importantly, I’m a Spud Bud! Happy to hear that you’re safely back at home.

  2. Navita

    Like you I make my own yogurt…love all the “go local..go organic” thing :)

    how have u been dear?

  3. Jenni

    Sometimes I wish I were an Irish-based, french-bean-growing, yoghurt-loving reader. Like now. I am, however, a US-based, mixed-lettuce-growing, ice-cream-loving reader. Close, but no cigar. Um, no french bean seeds. Alas, I must watch from the sidelines.

    Very cool that you have your very own Partner Code, though. You are Very Powerful!

    My anti-spam words are “ULANOFF transfix.” I think that’s my new Space Name. :)

  4. OysterCulture

    glad your back safe and sound, and hope the internal clock starts to cooperate – that;s a heck of a time change from SF to Dublin – ah well, something to look forward to.

    My anti-spam is “the aggrieved” not sure what to make of that.

  5. gastroanthropologist

    Will you be sharing with us your yogurt? I’ve never made it myself…though I love it as well as green beans, but I’m not in Ireland. Its the luck of the Irish I guess.

  6. greg

    Like some of the other comments I live somewhere other than Ireland. But don’t let that stop you from keeping us updated on the status of your beans. Which reminds me, how are those tater babies doing? GREG

  7. Daily Spud

    Tangled Noodle: hey, one outta three ain’t bad and you get a ton of bonus points for being a Spud Bud!

    Navita: hi there, I’ve been busy but it’s all good, nice to hear from you :)

    Jenni: or should I say Ulanoff? armed with my own partner code, I am indeed powerful – total spud domination cannot be far off now, lol

    OysterCulture: body clock pretty much back to rights now and I can only imagine that perhaps you were aggrieved at not being able to avail of those free seeds :)

    gastroanthropologist: will indeed have to share the yoghurt making sometime…

    greg: the taters are mostly doing fine – a couple have succumbed to slug damage, including one of my rarer specimens, but in general, the rest are looking pretty good so far…

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