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Spud Sunday: The Poetry Of Potatoes

Who knew there was quite so much poetry written on the subject of potatoes?

This matter was drawn to my attention by Wal, who very thoughtfully supplied me with his slightly amended version of this gem, which appeared in An Anthology of the Potato, a collection of potato poems published in 1961 for the Irish Potato Marketing Company.

We praise all the flowers that we fancy
Sip the nectar of fruit ere they’re peeled,
Ignoring the common old tater
When, in fact, he’s King of the Field.
Let us show the old boy we esteem him,
Sort of dig him up out of the mud;
Let us show him he shares our affections
And crown him with glory — The Daily Spud

I think I can guess which line he amended and I blush.

The piece of verse was by way of wishing yours truly well on future spudly endeavours, given that this was my last week at work. I mean my Not-The-Daily-Spud work. The Is-The-Daily-Spud work continues and (woohoo!) it looks like I’m going to have some more time to play with my food now.

Speaking of playing with my food, I decided to give what remained of my kimchi the potato treatment. Just think kimchi and chips and you’re most of the way there. It happened like this:

While marking the occasion of my departure from work at the Market Bar during the week, we ordered a rather large quantity of soakage food to go with our beverages. The bounty included some enormous bowls of patatas bravas (fried potato chunks with a spicy tomato sauce and what tasted like garlicky mayonnaise). Days later, after the haze which resulted from the visit to the Market Bar (and beyond) had finally lifted, the thought emerged that I could make my own patatas bravas, but with kimchi as the spicy element. Meaning, I roasted some bitesize potato chunks, topped them with shredded kimchi plus a mix of half-n-half mayonnaise and yoghurt along with a touch of crushed garlic and salt, and served the lot up as a brunch-type affair with scrambled eggs. Let’s just say you know you’ve done something right when plates have been cleared of food and you’re asked if there’s more.

My only afterthought was that, good ‘n’ all as this confusion of foods tasted, I know from Greg that the Koreans would probably laugh at us for eating kimchi this way, with not a grain of rice in sight. I’ll just have to tell them that I used a bit of poetic license and hope they understand. I think it best, however, not to mention the plans I have to go further and create the world’s first kimchi chip butty. Some things they don’t need to know!

Not quite kimchi and chips, but close

Not quite kimchi and chips, but close


  1. noble pig

    Oh beautiful…just lovely really!

  2. jenn

    That kimchi and chips looks pretty good to me.

  3. Chef E

    Poem and dish, lovely side by side…

    If I was to enter your shed
    to gaze upon glorious starter potato heads.
    Search my every pocket with dread; for the
    ground disturbed you find
    as your Irish American friend fled…

    Potato, Oh potato
    Together standing tall.
    Carrots and Gravy.
    Answering potato’s call.
    Boil them.
    Mash them.
    They’re still standing tall.

  4. zerrin

    An Anthology of the potato is so interesting. But maybe when we think about the importance of potato for Ireland, it’s reasonable. I should have a look at those poems. And I love your potato bravas topped with yogurt mixture.

  5. Joie de vivre

    I had to re-read your sentence a few times to reassure myself that The Daily Spud will continue. *Big sigh of relief :)

  6. Tangled Noodle

    Your patatas bravas prove that some things can be both hot and cool at the same time! I’m on board when you create that kimchi chip butty. Happy Easter!

  7. Reeni

    I love the poem! That brunch you cooked up sounds divine!

  8. Jenni

    a) What happened to the Not-The-Daily-Spud job? Did I miss something?

    2) Potatoes are Well worthy of poetry.

    III) Bravo for your fusion bravas

    Quatro) Garlicky mayo=aioli, maybe? Yum.

    The fifth) Hope you had a lovely Easter

  9. Heather

    well i certainly never knew there was so much potato poetry out there! that picture is making me drool…

  10. david langford

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7uyKYeGPdE potatoes are about songs as well.hope all the planting went well 180 varieties planted at lissadell house so far

  11. Daily Spud

    noble pig: yeah, sweet

    jenn: I think it works!

    Chef E: you honour me with your verse (though I’m now wondering if it was you who was sneaking around my shed the other week, lol!)

    zerrin: I guess it’s not so surprising that Ireland should have produced a whole anthology of potato poems – I’ll have to get my hands on a copy!

    Joie de Vivre: Oh The Daily Spud will continue, don’t you worry :)

    Tangled Noodle: I knew you’d be with me on the kimchi chip butty – hope your Easter was good too!

    Reeni: well, you can’t go too far wrong with crispy potatoes and eggs for brunch :)

    Jenni: (i) finishing the Not-The-Daily-Spud job was the change alluded to in some of this weeks tweets, hadn’t mentioned anything before this (ii) agreed (iii) thank you, ma’am (iv) yes I think it may have been aioli, and I will add some lemon juice to my conconction next time (v) and same to you!

    Heather: I didn’t know there was so much out there myself!

    david: hello there! I shouldn’t be surprised at potato songs either, that’s just brilliant. Meanwhile, my own spuds are in the ground as of last weekend – 6 varieties in all, pales in comparison to 180 varieties at Lissadell, I’ll have to go up and take a look sometime

  12. david

    give me a ring when youd like to go and Ill meet you there and show you the spuds well link up wih dermot the head gardener

  13. Daily Spud

    That’s great Dave, I’ll take you up on that a bit later in the season. Will be in touch!

  14. laura

    Oh, I love the idea of potato poetry, and likewise wish you all the best on future endeavors!

  15. Sophie

    Me too! I love this potato poetry!
    Patatas bravas is something that I make from time to time & I serve it with garlic aïoli! It is great for an appetizer!

  16. Greg

    I am going to forward this onto the my Korean friend Robert, just to see what kind of stern words he has for YOU! But seriously I think he will approve because you are using it as a condiment and that is the right way…I think? GREG

  17. OysterCulture

    Nothing like adding some highbrow culture. Your pub grub looks delish – so have you offered it up as a suggestion for new pub food? Shall I look for it when I visit Dublin?

  18. English Mum

    I’m drooling. Actually drooling, that looks soooo good. I bet it’s a magic after-pub snackage too….

  19. Daily Spud

    laura: thanks!

    Sophie: yep, it’s great party food

    Greg: however inauthentic, it was still was a condiment, I hope that fact will save me…

    Oyster Culture: hmm, it might take a while to catch on generally, I’ll have to work on that!

    English Mum: oh gosh yes, it would do very nicely for after pub snackage. I might just start drooling myself now…

  20. The Duo Dishes

    You are so good at making the potato sing. So creative!

  21. The Diva on a Diet

    Wow, I can almost tastes that spicy, potato-y goodness! Playing with your food and inventing new creations is a joyous thing! :)

  22. Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

    Beautiful poem and beautiful dish!

  23. Daily Spud

    Duo Dishes: how very sweet of you to say so :)

    Diva: yes, a joyous thing indeed!

    Natasha: thanks :)

  24. Sapuche

    Your creativity and delicious-looking photo are definitely worthy of poetry. It’s no wonder that plates were cleared and more was requested. Had I been there, I might have taken the entire heaped serving plate and run off with it. I get like that sometimes…

  25. megan (brooklyn farmhouse)

    I want to eat those for breakfast with some scrambled eggs right now! Great idea.

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