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Shortlisted And Sweet

It was another ordinary morning Chez Spud. Bleary-eyed, running late for work (again), cursing my inability to survive on small quantities of sleep. I nevertheless decided to take a quick peek into cyberspace before leaving the house, and what, to my surprise, did I find…

irish blog awards finalist

I was unspeakably thrilled to discover this here Spud gracing the shortlist of finalists in the food ‘n’ drink category for Saturday’s Irish Blog Awards. Needless to remark, I’m in some fine company, the full list being:

The actual final awarding bit happens down in Cork this Saturday and, no doubt, there’ll be winners envelopes, statuettes and whatnot. Due to a rather unfortunate bit of bad planning, I shall not be there in person. Truth is, I didn’t have the foresight to register for the awards gig months ago – I mean, who knew? Bummed about not going now, ‘cos I’d look good in a dress. Honest. I guess they’ll just have to show a picture of me instead…

the daily spud

Anyway, thanks so much to all those involved, especially Damien Mulley, the powerhouse behind the Irish Blog Awards. May the best blogs win!


  1. lorraine@italianfoodies

    Yay congrats to you too:) With that curvy physique you would have looked great in a dress;)

  2. Daily Spud

    Thanks Lors – that would make quite a picture, lol! Congrats again yourself. If the CheapEats folks are to be believed, we’ll be fighting it out over Supermacs snack boxes before too long! :)

  3. The Duo Dishes

    Big ‘ol congrats to you!

  4. Reeni


  5. Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

    Congratulations! How wonderful!

  6. greg

    Can I Vote? What Can I Do? You Deserve To Win…I Have a Very Good Friend Who is Irish and Lives in LA. Does That Mean I Can Vote Twice? If So I, Give Both Votes To You! GREG

  7. veggiebelly

    that great! congrats!

  8. Iisha

    I so love that picture of your blog… I think it’s (by far) the best I’ve seen.

    Good luck… you deserve it.
    (You can send my endorsement check to 1313 Mockingbird Lane)

  9. English Mum

    YAY SPUDNESS!! Congratumalations – hope you win, pickle xx

  10. Tangled Noodle

    [Applause] Congratulations! [Wild cheering] What fantastic news! [Delirious celebrations] I’m so happy for you!!

    Seriously, though, you deserve the recognition and accolades.Sorry you won’t be at the awards but who says you can’t make like one of your posts and ‘crash’ the party? 8-)

  11. heather


  12. Daily Spud

    Thanks to all for the congrats and the offers of votes and endorsements. Cheques will be in the post. Meanwhile, I’m working on the party-crashing bit, we’ll see how that goes!

  13. Lori

    What awesome news! I’m so excited for you!

  14. OysterCulture

    Awesome news, if there was ever a great way to start your day, it looks like you found it! Congratulations, as a new regular reader of your blog, I heartily concur with the decision.

  15. Jenni

    I’m surprised you wouldn’t just have donned your best potato sack! Ah, I kill myself with my wit!!

    Seriously, though–huge congratulations on making the Short List. I will go and do my duty as a Spud acolyte forthwith:D

  16. Jenni

    Must amend my earlier comment–not only the Short List, but a Finalist (I knew that–but my typing fingers forgot). So, how do I vote, anyway?

  17. zerrin

    CONGRATS! happy for you… You certainly deserve it with this wonderful blog.

  18. laura


  19. Ange

    Truly deserved and I’m not a bit biased! Way to go (as you mean to go on ;-)!

  20. jean

    Congratulations! Sorry we won’t be seeing you there…

  21. we are never full

    CONGRATS!! so exciting. i wish america was able to really do this. there’s too many people here and too many blogs (both crap and good). we’d have to fly somewhere to go to the ceremony and you know people would back out. this is very cool that it’s a legitimate thing and you’ll get an award and could have a chance to go to a ceremony. very cool and well deserved (as are a few of the others I know of on this list).

  22. Daily Spud

    Again, thank you everyone for all the kind wishes. Not only that, but I’m delighted to announce that, Cinderella-like, I shall be going to the ball after all, to fight it out in person with the other nominees… I shall not, however, be wearing my potato sack – I don’t think the world of Irish blogging is ready for that!

  23. keith bohanna

    Hi Aoife

    Great to meet you at the awards and talk for a while. This was really well deserved – your content, design and interaction are all superb :-)

    Follow your passions


  24. megan (brooklyn farmhouse)

    Congratulations! This is awesome! How did the ball go?

  25. Marc @ NoRecipes

    Congratulations! To be honest, yours is the only Irish blog I read, but I think it’s well deserved. I hope you win:-)

  26. Daily Spud

    Keith: Thanks so much – it was great to meet you too. The awards gig just brings a whole new and welcome dimension to this blogging endeavour. I will do as you say and continue to try and follow my passions.

    megan, marc: thanks and, as you’ll see from my latest post, the ball went very well indeed…

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