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Fear Of Baking

We’ve recently experienced a mini-flurry of people in my office baking homemade goodies and bringing them in to share (lucky us!). This appears to have caused a moment of mild panic for the new guy, though, who perhaps thought he would be called upon to do likewise and would, as he put it, have to face his fear of baking. Now, while there is no pressure being exerted on anyone to come up with the (baked) goods (honest!), it did get me thinking that he is by no means alone in being daunted by the thought of that particular task.

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A Tale Of Two Tassies

Tassie: noun (plural: tassies)

  1. (Scotland) A cup or goblet for drinking wine.
  2. A small tart or miniature pie.

From French tasse, meaning cup, and from Arabic tassah, a bowl or basin for drinking.

Walnut Tassies

Walnut Tassies

My internet travels had lately brought me to a recipe for pecan tassies, taken from Gourmet Magazine’s favourite cookie recipes 1941-2008 by way of the Cooking… by the Seat of My Pants blog. Tassies, in the miniature pie sense of the word, were entirely new to me, but the description piqued both my interest and my tastebuds, in an anticipatory kind of way.

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FuFu Food

It happens every time I go to the Asia Market. I can never restrict my purchases to those items on my pre-scribbled list. My eyes wander the shelves and I invariably leave laden with bags of beans, nuts, rice, lentils, tins of coconut milk, assorted Asian vegetables, various spices and who-knows-what-else, when all I really went in for was some ginger.

This time, I was hunting the shelves for cashew nuts, but something else entirely caught my eye…


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