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Smoky and the Pancake

I’m thinking about introducing a smoky ban in my house.

Earlier today, the kitchen and all points north, south, east and west of same were filled with the odour of smoky-hot olive oil that had been employed by resident sis in the production of a large batch of buckwheat pancakes. Still, at least the smoke-alarm didn’t go off, and the pancakes, well, they’re always worth it. The use of buckwheat (in the name of the great gluten-free experiment) made them heavier than your regular pancake, but that didn’t stop me scoffing a goodly number for brekkie, accompanied by golden syrup, lemon juice and a call for more of the same, regardless of the smoky pall that would envelope the place as a result!

stack of buckwheat pancakes

Pancake Jenga!


  1. Chef E

    I could dig into these!

  2. richy

    after hearing reputable accounts of this blog in suffolk streets avoca cafe i had to log on and get inspired…
    had a wonderful read through some of ur earlier posts

    roll on saturday morning for some breakfast inspirations

    great blog….

  3. Daily Spud

    Ah, Avoca Cafe – now there’s a fine spot in which to be discussin’ foodie goings on… – thanks Richy!

  4. chef E

    I came back for another look…love me some buckwheat…I use it alot in other recipes as well…

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