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I Propose A Toastie

Where would we be without the humble cheese toastie?

I like mine made with slices of batch bread, buttered on the outside and filled with sharp red cheddar, juicy tomatoes, thin slivers of onion and (here’s the twist) a little cumin, either whole or ground, depending what’s to hand. Mmmmm. If I’m feeling herby rather than spicy, then maybe a pinch of dried thyme or oregano instead of the cumin. The onion slivers might be replaced with spring onions, the batch bread for something wholegrain. Whatever the combination, you can create glorious little pockets of melted cheesiness in no time if you have one of those purpose-built sandwich toasters. Even if you have to put the toast into your toastie the old-fashioned way under the grill, well, that works too. Either way, it is quickly made and, while it may be unapologetically full fat, there’s no denying that there are times when it really does hit the spot!

How do you eat yours?

How do you eat yours?


  1. Andyt

    Crackin idea, but i like to bake the bread myself,that way you can, if wanted control fats,salt etc. I’d go with everything except the cumin, when addin tomatoes to anything , why not try a sniff of mace? mmmm winter warming at its best.
    Keep up the good work, or else ! ;)

  2. doggybloggy

    count me in I love a good toastie…..

  3. lorraine@italianfoodies

    Mine’s just cheddar, Italian ham(of course), red onion or spring onion, butter and lots of mustard. Can’t beat a good toastie:)

  4. Berna

    I’ve decided I’m not going to visit your blog at bedtime. I want a toastie now…so bad! Will have to confine myself to daytime visiting when unscheduled eating can (possibly) be worked off!

  5. Rufus

    Just made one for lunch. Didn’t have any cumin so don’t know what magic this would have made. Ah well, I’ll just have to make another one when I have the spice I guess … it’s a hard life … ;-)

  6. George@CulinaryTravels

    Mine would have to be based around home baked bread; normally cheddar (or other strong hard cheese) with slivers of red onion or scallions. Herbs/spices have never made their way into my toasties but I might just have to try it.

  7. Daily Spud

    Indeed, George, the ol’ cheese and onion combination is hard to beat!

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