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Spud Sunday: The Great Aleppo Pepper


I have a brand new Valentine (Mr. Tayto take note).

His name is Aleppo (which, granted, makes him sound like one of the Marx Brothers), he hails from Syria, he’s red hot (well, he’s perhaps not as hot as some, but just hot enough for me) and smells, as best I can describe it, of tobacco.

Hmm. Not sounding so attractive now, is he?

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Spud Sunday: I Heart Potatoes

So did ya, then? Did ya get some heart-shaped potatoes from your valentine?

I jest not. Last week’s Sunday Mirror reported that these heart-shaped roasting potatoes from France, known as Francelines, were being carried in the UK by Tescos for this years Valentine’s market. They have only become available for sale there following the scrapping of an EU ruling which had banned the sale of mis-shapen fruit and vegetables. Thus, these heart-shaped taters are no longer to be hidden away and treated as the hunchbacks of the vegetable world, but, rather, will be made available for the delectation of the wider EU populace.

heart-shaped potato

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