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Spud Sunday: Remembrance of Spuds Past

Marcel Proust had his madeleines, I have my spuds: on the Remembrance of Spuds Past, when what potatoes taste of, mostly, is other times and other places

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Spud Sunday: Boney Bart And Other Stories

Remembering the story of Boney Bart and others that my Da used to tell

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Last Of The Summer Marmalade

This is orange marmalade, just as my mother makes it

Spud Sunday: Poitín Old, Poitín New

The launch of a new poitín from the Teeling Whiskey Company signals a shiny new look for a spirit which sports a storied and mostly illicit past – that includes a recipe for same from my Da

Spud Sunday: One Look Forward, Many Looks Back

And so another year comes to an end – time for a review of highs and lows and what shaped 2012 at The Daily Spud

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Spud Sunday: Father’s Spuds

This year’s Father’s Day will be marked in the best way possible, with a helping of newly dug spuds that my Da would have relished

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Spud Sunday: The Comfort Of Spuds

Potatoes, the stuff of comfort food – here made into a simple, cheesy potato gratin with crisped potato peels on top

Spud Sunday: An Early Harvest

The potatoes will be early this year, but earlier still has been the passing of my father, may he rest forever in peace

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