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Spud Sunday: And The Blog Goes On

Mrs Potato Head Sadface

Sadface, kinda

So Galway and the Irish Blog Awards came and went last night, and while I was a shoe-in for Best Spud, the food and drink honours this year went to the very sweet and multi-talented Donal with his Good Mood Food Blog. He adds the blog crown to his cookbook, newspaper columns, television appearances, pop-stardom and who-knows-what-else to come – quite a phenomenon to contend with!

I would just like to make it clear, however, that I remain as dedicated as ever to all that is potato and that, folks, is really all that matters.

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Frosty The Freezer

It was a simple choice: eat my words or eat the contents of my freezer.

What happened, you see, was that Love Food magazine, published with yesterday’s Irish Independent, had included a little piece from me on tips for Christmas (ah, yes, fame at last! – even if it did miss out on my current top tip, which is to head over here for a shot at a free box of Tayto crisps).

Love Food Magazine with Christmas tips from The Daily Spud

Exciting indeed to see my words in actual newsprint but, having urged everyone in the country to fill their freezers with mince pies and the like, I had a weeny problem on that front myself. My freezer bore one of those looks that said “defrost me now, or else…”.

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Spud Sunday: Love At First Giveaway

Remember Mr. Tayto, he of the crispy cheese & onion empire? Well, let’s just say that he’s been getting quite chatty of late.

One week, he’s letting me know about his twitter page and his schedule for book signings, the next, he’s offering to send me copies of his autobiography.

Personally, I think he fancies me.

Mr. Tayto and La Spud - a match made in potato heaven?

Mr. Tayto and La Spud - a match made in potato heaven?

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