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Spud Sunday: Paddy’s Spuds

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, so you want green & you want spuds, right? In that case, meet spudakopita – an Irish take on the Greek classic of spanakopita, with spinach, potatoes and some surprisingly Irish feta-style cheese.

Spud Sunday: Rose-Tinted Spuds

Mixing it up, spud-wise, with potato pinwheels, featuring mashed potato, goats cheese, toasted hazelnuts and spinach, rolled in puff pastry, sliced, baked and, quickly thereafter, eaten.

Spud Sunday: The Inconvenient Spud

Who says potatoes can’t be a convenient choice for dinner? These baby potatoes with spinach and Cashel Blue cheese are that, surely.

Grasping The Nettle

Nettles were always something to avoid in my book, but today was the day I tried my hand at cooking them instead. They’re just like spinach, my Da assured me…

Blessed Are The Cheesemakers…

Paneer is one of the simplest of cheeses to make – usually found in curries, here I’ve made a salad out of paneer curds and sauteed spinach – an alternative saag paneer, if you will.