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Spud Sunday: Look S(h)arpo

Making a case for Sarpo Axona potatoes from the Sarvari Research Trust in Wales: high levels of natural blight resistance and not bad in the kitchen either.

Spud Sunday: The Blighty Spud

A report from the GIY Gathering in Waterford, where the talk was of food empathy and spuds, specifically the contentious issue of whether Ireland needs GM potatoes. This is my take.

Spud Sunday: Fight Or Blight

It was a champion day for naturally blight resistant Sárpo potatoes at the Tastefest with David Shaw from the Sárvári Research Trust, among many others

Spud Sunday: Wild Spuds

A foraging trip puts me in mind of wild potatoes and how, through careful breeding, their talent for survival can be used to help their more domesticated cousins