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Tea And Cake? Perfect

So the word is out. I like tea.

It shouldn’t really have come as a surprise, then, that I was contacted by the Campbell’s tea people, alerting me to the fact that they had recently won some Great Taste Awards and wondering if, perchance, I would like to give what they boldly title their “Perfect Tea” a whirl.

Alrighty, says I, you’re on.

Campbell's perfect tea

Campbell's perfect tea

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Spud Sunday: The (Almost) Über Tuber

Well, well, I feel like a very European spud today.

euroblog awards

Thanks to the votes of you nice folks out there, this here blog was the English-language finalist for the first Euro Blog Awards. The final selection was made by way of an old-style Eurovision jury vote on Friday at the nonick conference in Bilbao and what a nail-biter it was, with the Daily Spud leading the pack until the last jury declared. In the end, it was 2nd place for the Spud, losing by a mere point to the eventual über-blog, Netzpolitik. Still, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy, in a silver medal kind of way.

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Sweet Rosemary


I first made my acquaintance with rosemary early in life. As children, we were often sent to fetch rosemary and thyme from the bushes of same that grew along the avenue which lead to our house. It was important to learn to distinguish the two and not return with the wrong one! The rosemary, though, I only ever remember being used with meats and in savoury dumplings for beef stew. Much later, I developed a liking for slices of courgette fried with rosemary and finished with a splash of lemon juice. Then, a few years ago, MGH gave me a little rosemary plant which, despite massive doses of neglect, has thrived in my garden, but was only pressed into use in the kitchen occasionally and, even then, always for savoury purposes.

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