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Spud Sunday: The Christmas Roastie Rhyme

It’s that Christmas roastie time of year, and while the fat for your roast potatoes is a matter a choice, it’s the dry matter that matters when it comes to the crunch

Spud Sunday: An Interview With Paul Rankin

An interview with chef Paul Rankin about restaurants, Belfast, Christmas, spuds and (among other things) his Mum’s secret for Christmas roast potatoes

Spud Sunday: Recipes From A Jewelled Kitchen

Presenting recipes for red hot roasties & burnt tomato and chilli jam from The Jewelled Kitchen by Bethany Kehdy, her Middle Eastern cookbook launched this weekend at the London Food Blogger Connect conference

Spud Sunday: Cheese & Roasties

By now it’s a fixture in the potato calendar, the annual Daily Spud Christmas roastie round-up – I also had a few words to say in today’s Sunday Times on the subject of Irish cheese

Spud Sunday: The More Things Change…

Sage and onion roasted baby potatoes, not your stereotypical Irish spuds

Spud Sunday: The Veg Of A Nation

The return of National Potato Day is announced and I provide some peanut-roasted potatoes as a slightly alternative way to celebrate

Spud Sunday: Christmas Spuds

Christmas dinner preparation gets underway and there will be roast potatoes, trifle and more

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Spud Sunday: Frosty The Roastie

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a post on the subject of roast potatoes. This year I consider the question of freezing your par-boiled and ready-to-roast spuds – a good idea or a compromise too far?

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