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Spud Sunday: Gimme The Spuds

You know what they say – if you want to get something done, ask a busy person, and Sheila Kiely is nothing if not busy. Mother to six, including two sets of twins, Cork-based Sheila is now also the proud parent of her first cookbook, Gimme The Recipe, to go with her blog of the same name.

Gimme the recipe

Gimme The Book

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Spud Sunday: The Mystery Trail

It was an evening like any other.

I was meandering home down the dimly-lit side street, lost in thought, when something caught my eye and I halted. I looked down and could see, around and ahead of me, potato skins mysteriously scattered along the pavement. I glanced around furtively, a Poirot-like curiosity awakened, but could spy no shred of other vegetable matter in the vicinity.

For twenty or so yards, I followed the trail of distinctive pinky-red rooster peelings and stopped at a shabby green doorway. I imagined some unfortunate Hansel or Gretel, compelled to leave behind an identifiable trail, but were those peels leading away from that door or leading me, La Spud, to it?

I scurried on, the mystery unsolved. For days afterward, the trail remained and I wondered about it each time I passed.

Potato peels

Where do you go to, my lovelies?

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Spud Sunday: Spicy Skins

You could eat a mountain of those…


So proclaimed resident sis, having started to munch through a plateful of spicy lunch spuds. Said spuds were more-ish alright. It was a close run thing as to whether I would manage to take an acceptable photograph before having eaten them all myself. Lucky for you I did, huh?

Spicy potato skins

How many could you eat?

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