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Spud Sunday: The Blighty Spud

A report from the GIY Gathering in Waterford, where the talk was of food empathy and spuds, specifically the contentious issue of whether Ireland needs GM potatoes. This is my take.

Spud Sunday: Return Of The Lumper

The Lumper potato that famously failed during the Great Irish Famine is now for sale thanks to Michael McKillop – I head to Potato Day at the Organic Centre in Leitrim with some Lumpers to share.

Spud Sunday: Fight Or Blight

It was a champion day for naturally blight resistant Sárpo potatoes at the Tastefest with David Shaw from the Sárvári Research Trust, among many others

Spud Sunday: Ancient Spuds, Modern Threats

Another excursion to the west for Potato Day at the Organic Centre in Leitrim, where potato expert Dave Langford talks of old potatoes and new threats to their survival.