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Spudless Sunday

A severe blow has been dealt to the Dave Langford / Dermot Carey heritage potato collection, as I learned at this year’s Organic Centre Potato Day

Spud Sunday: Super Spud Heroes

It’s that Organic Centre Potato Day time of year again and in a week, too, that saw a well deserved Irish Food Writers’ Guild award for Dave Langford and Dermot Carey and their heritage potato collection

Spud Sunday: Return Of The Lumper

The Lumper potato that famously failed during the Great Irish Famine is now for sale thanks to Michael McKillop – I head to Potato Day at the Organic Centre in Leitrim with some Lumpers to share.

Spud Sunday: Potato Days Are Here Again

I might have missed National Potato Day in the U.K., but there are a number of potato days here in Ireland to look forward to

Spud Sunday: Potato Day Rides Again

It’s March, that must mean it’s time for another Potato Day at the Organic Centre in Leitrim, where I talk about the popularity of spuds and John Brennan voices the concerns of ‘No To GM’ regarding proposed GM potato trials

Spud Sunday: Potatoes, The Next Generation

Not one, but two Potato Days for me this month, at Sonairte and The Organic Centre, complete with Dave Langford’s heritage varieties and his own, newly bred spuds

Slow Cheese

A weekend at The Organic Centre in Co. Leitrim learning how to make both hard and soft cheeses (like quark & many more), was a weekend very well spent

Spud Sunday: Ancient Spuds, Modern Threats

Another excursion to the west for Potato Day at the Organic Centre in Leitrim, where potato expert Dave Langford talks of old potatoes and new threats to their survival.