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Last Of The Summer Marmalade

This is orange marmalade, just as my mother makes it

Spud Sunday: This Spud’s For You

Not only do I have spuds and crisps to give away courtesy of Keogh’s but, in anticipation of the upcoming National Potato Day, I’ve also made this patriotic little potato salad with a mint and orange dressing

Waiting For Rhubarb

I finally get to try out a recipe involving rhubarb and beetroot tweeted to me by Michelin-starred chef Martijn Kajuiter – let me tell you, it was worth the wait.

The Taste Of Christmas Past

Christmas as a kid meant gifts of almond and honey laden turrón from Spain. That memory inspired this recipe for festive almond, honey and orange shortbread, chocolate-dipped ‘n’ all…

You Say Compôte, I Say Stewed

You may call it compôte, I call it stewed fruit – lovely orangey stewed rhubarb in this case. The names conjure up very different mental images, though, in the end, they do all taste the same.