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You Say Cookies, I Say Eat

That’s the trouble with words. They mean different things to different people.

Time was when any self-respecting paddy would not have thought to call the items in the picture below anything other than biscuits or biccies.

Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

Oatmeal, chocolate chip and redcurrant whatsits

But the fact is that we’re pretty comfortable with the term cookie these days, it being many years since “American-style Chocolate Chip Cookies” started to appear on Irish supermarket shelves.

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Postcard Perfect Porridge

Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia

Yes, right now I would rather be on a tropical beach somewhere. This one looks good.

Dear Porridge,

It’s not you, it’s me.

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Oat Cuisine

Sacks o' Flahavans Oats

Sacks o' Flahavans

Mary Flahavan reports that her mother, at 92 years of age, is both hale and hearty and eats porridge twice a day. I suspect very much that these facts are related – good stuff, is porridge.

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