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A Walk On The Wild Side

Foraging – it’s not just about mushrooms, or so I was reminded after a walk in the woods at Farnham Estate in Co. Cavan with wild foods expert Mary Bulfin

Spud Sunday: The Why Of Cookbooks

In which I give a recipe for potato, cheese & mushroom pie from the new Pieminister cookbook a whirl, but not without making a few changes and having a few things to say on the subject of cookbooks first

Spud Sunday: Souper Food

Mushroom soup with celeriac and potato, inspired by Gorta’s Soup For Life campaign and the ongoing quest for a good mushroom soup

Spud Sunday: Starch-Trekkin’

Introducing the Irish risotto, a mushroom “risotto” made with potatoes and Guinness instead of arborio rice and white wine. Trust me, it’s not as daft a notion as you may suppose it to be.

Foraging About In The Irish Times

Published in the Irish Times no less – 6 snippets from the Spud on edibles worth foraging for

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That’s The Way I Breakfast Roll

A very meaty delivery from Denny gets me thinking about the classic Irish breakfast roll and the making of a somewhat less meat-laden version of same.

States Of Cheese

Some thoughts on the melting point of different cheeses, to wit camembert melts as soon as you look at it, while halloumi holds together well and is good for grilling and frying. A particular favourite is slices of halloumi fried and served with some portobello mushrooms…

Lemongrass and Lime

Some ingredients you can leave out of a recipe and some you can’t. This curry, for example, really needs the lemongrass and lime, both of which my sister forgot to put in one day…