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Spud Sunday: Super Mash

Enough with the spud-bashing, folks. Potatoes can be good for you, especially so with recipes like this for kale & dillisk mashed potatoes, a (mostly) raw food version of colcannon (raw except for the spuds, that is)

Spud Sunday: Mashing Machine

A new gadget for an old problem: how to make proper mashed potatoes; I try out the Masha – a hand blender specifically designed for mashing potatoes – to see how it rates

Spud Sunday: Mash Monday

A visit to Mash Direct in Comber, Co. Down – an impressive company with an admirable ethos, a nifty double decker bus and oodles of potatoes

Spud Sunday: Forty Shades Of Potato

My thoughts on Frank Bruni’s New York Times piece on visiting Ireland and the cliché that is the ubiquity of potatoes here, plus a recipe for some less-than-ubiquitous caramelised apple mashed potato.

Spud Sunday: Truly, Madly, Daily

A mash-eating, Olympic-watching, spud-reading week in the potato-fuelled life of The Daily Spud

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Spud Sunday: Fear Of Spuds

While there has been much comment lately on genetically modified potatoes, when it comes to GM, I am more about this Garlic Mash than anything else

Spud Sunday: The Late Edition

Take some boiled potato, mash it, dry the pieces out in the oven until golden and crunchy, et voilà, potato crumbs. Scatter wherever you think crunch, gluten-free or otherwise, is needed.

Spud Sunday: Let There Be Colcannon

In which I make the Irish mashed potato classic of colcannon, but with a slight Mediterranean twist. I also learn to love curly kale. No small thing, I assure you.