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2009, The Spud Review

I hate to be predictable, but it’s that day of the year when you’d be expecting to see some kind of top-10-review-highlights-resolution kind of post, and who am I to disappoint?

So c’mon, then, into the spudmobile, seat belts on and let’s zoom through 2009…

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Spud Sunday: Leitrim Boxty, 3 Ways

Update 3/12/09: It has been brought to my attention that Rose was rather horrified by the mention of tights in the context of this post. Fergal has admitted that he may have been deluded on this point – after all, he had never made boxty himself – and I believe that it is Rose’s view that tights would not be used in this way in modern civilised society. Apologies, Rose – the post has been amended to reflect this view.

“You’ll need tights,” said Fergal (though, as you may have gathered, he was ultimately mistaken on this point).

“Er, ‘scuse me…?”

We were arranging a visit to Fergal’s mammy, Rose, for a boxty-making session. Fergal, as it turns out, was referring not to a dress code for the visit (phew), but to the tights one might (or, as it turns out, might not) use to squeeze grated raw potato – boxty’s principal ingredient.

It had been many months since I first heard my friend Fergal wax lyrical about his mammy’s boxty and I had been pestering him for the recipes ever since. While boxty is a very traditional Irish potato dish, it is not something that was ever made in my family, and remained a significant gap in my potato repertoire. This was my chance to get the low-down on same from a native of Leitrim, where boxty is big.

Rose demonstrates just how boxty is done

Rose demonstrates just how boxty is done

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Spud Sunday: Rare, Old and Unusual Potatoes

collector and exhibitor of rare, old and unusual potatoes

So proclaims the business card of the fabulously enthusiastic Dave Langford, whom it was my distinct pleasure to meet today at the Organic Centre in Rossinver, Co. Leitrim, at their annual celebration of our national tuber.

potato day signage

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