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Spud Sunday: Better Through Food

On meeting Kamal Mouzawak, founder of Souk el Tayeb and Tawlet in Beirut and on connecting people, both in Lebanon and elsewhere, in a fundamental way through food

Spud Sunday: Man of Za’atar

A long overdue post about meeting Abu Kassem in South Lebanon, a farmer who, in the midst of wars and strife, pioneered the cultivation of za’atar – or Lebanese wild thyme – used in the popular spice blend of the same name

The Incredible Spreadable

In which I experience a little piece of apricot jam heaven, thanks to the preserves made by Rayess Trading in Lebanon. The halloumi and labneh from Rayess Dairy weren’t half bad either.

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Spud Sunday: Eat Only Lebanese

Back from Lebanon, with lots of Lebanese food and wondering how I marry that with the Eat Only Irish For A Week challenge. Potatoes, as always, provide the answer.

Spud Sunday: Gone Eatin’

The Daily Spud goes to the Lebanon, home of extremely heavy potatoes and a lot more besides

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