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Spud Sunday: Au Gratin, Au Guinness

I’ll wager that my Da would think the following a waste of perfectly good Guinness. Nevertheless, in honour of the awards weekend that was in it, I thought that Le Spud could do worse than to take a dip in some of Arthur Guinness’s finest stout.

At first blush, it might not seem that spuds doused in Guinness would be that promising a combination. It might even sound like a messy night at the blog awards pub. Just so we’re clear, though. I’m not talking about spilling your pint over somebody’s bag of tayto (though, no doubt, that happens quite a lot in this country…). What I’m talking about is Richard Olney’s recipe for Potatoes in Beer, which brings a whole new meaning to the term beer soakage.

Potato gratin with Guinness

Beer soaked spuds...

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The Fairytale of Cork

We interrupt this blog to bring you news that Cinderella went to the Blog Awards Ball after all.

irish blog awards winner

This, it turns out, was just as well, because Cinderella was called upon to take the long walk to the stage to accept a wonderful glass slipper trophy as winner of the food ‘n’ drink edible category. She also got to meet some of the many inhabitants of blogoland, including the mythical Irish blogfather, whose actual existence she had often wondered about, because she’d only ever read about him in fairytales blogs. So bedazzled was she by the whole proceedings that she forgot all about leaving the premises by midnight and found that it was somewhat closer to 4am when she finally retired. She was very thankful to all involved for a most excellent evening and was glad that nothing turned into a pumpkin as a result of the lateness of the finishing hour. It’s entirely possible, however, that some people’s heads may have felt like pumpkins this morning, which may not have been the fairytale ending they were hoping for. They will, no doubt, get over it though, and we sincerely hope that they will all blog happily ever after.

We now promise to return you to your regularly scheduled Spud Sunday programming.

Shortlisted And Sweet

It was another ordinary morning Chez Spud. Bleary-eyed, running late for work (again), cursing my inability to survive on small quantities of sleep. I nevertheless decided to take a quick peek into cyberspace before leaving the house, and what, to my surprise, did I find…

irish blog awards finalist

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