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Spud Sunday: Rose-Tinted Spuds

Mixing it up, spud-wise, with potato pinwheels, featuring mashed potato, goats cheese, toasted hazelnuts and spinach, rolled in puff pastry, sliced, baked and, quickly thereafter, eaten.

Spud Sunday: The Goats Of Christmas

A few thoughts for food, inspired by Milano’s Christmas campaign to support Oxfam’s efforts to buy goats for needy third world families

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Spud Sunday: In Handel’s Day

George Frideric Handel, saturated fat, the war on carbs and musically-shaped duchesse potatoes – we’ve got it all here…

Best In Bramleys

Apples baked with honey, goat’s cheese, rosemary and an oaty topping – my entry for the Bord Bia Best in Season Bramley apple recipe competition and a winner in my book!

Onion Relish. Sweet.

My red winter onions were one of the more successful garden growers this year. Just as successful too, I reckon, was this sweet onion relish with caraway, inspired by a similar relish from Laragh Stuart.

Spud Sunday: Curious Spuds

I was both excited and delighted to team up with the folks from Curious Wines in a French potato and wine matching challenge. I gave them potato quiche, they gave me red and white to try…