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Oat Cuisine

Sacks o' Flahavans Oats

Sacks o' Flahavans

Mary Flahavan reports that her mother, at 92 years of age, is both hale and hearty and eats porridge twice a day. I suspect very much that these facts are related – good stuff, is porridge.

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Berry Berry

It is one of the hazards of being a food blogger that people will call upon you to address weighty matters during pub-time conversations, such as:

When is a berry not a berry?

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Grasping The Nettle

Moseying down a country lane in Ireland at this time of year often involves negotiating a path somewhere between the narrow roadway on one side and the inevitable ditch full of stinging nettles on the other. Yesterday afternoon, however, as I was giving the scads and scads of nettles an advisably wide berth, I was stopped in my tracks by a single thought, and the thought was this, that here was something I could eat… Without any further ado, I beetled back to my parent’s house, with a mission in mind which was going to require a pair of thick gloves.

Stinging nettle, handle with care

Stinging nettle, handle with care

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