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Spud Sunday: Danish Potatoes

Joanna Schaffalitzky’s Foodcamp presentation urges us Irish to look to Denmark for culinary inspiration; we share a love of potatoes and bread and – from kartoffelmad to chip butties – a tendency to combine the two

Spud Sunday: The Return Of Foodcamp

Foodcamp returned to Savour Kilkenny this year, with plenty of food for thought, as well as food for eating

The Emperor’s New Omelette Challenge

Having watched Thomas Keller’s wonderful ‘take it slow’ approach to the BBC Saturday Kitchen omelette challenge, I wonder if it isn’t time for the omelette challenge to just pack up and go…

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Spud Sunday: Foodcamp For Thought

The first Irish Foodcamp, held at the Savour Kilkenny Food Festival, proves to be a day full of positivity and inspiration for the Irish food industry