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Red And Berried


Currants, of the red variety

Get a load of those redcurrant berries.

You wouldn’t think it, but beneath those shiny exteriors lurks a tale of survival against the odds.

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A Taste Of Darina

There are some things that I now consider it my, er, job to do.

Like attending last weekend’s Taste of Dublin festival, for example – something that I thought you would like to know about and, therefore, I just had to go. You seeing how this works?

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Spud Sunday: Curious Spuds

Would you care for some wine with your meal? Why, yes, silly question, hand it over here’s my glass…

Now, I will put my hands up and say that I am no expert on the subject of fermented grape juice. That fact, however, does not deter me from quaffing my fair share. Expertise requires practice and I am all about further education for my taste and wine buds. So you can guess that I was more than happy to chat with the guys at Curious Wines about trying out some wine matches for the Daily Spud. I mean, where do I sign?

Some Curious French Wines

Some Curious French Wines

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