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A Mugful Of Mojo

Wherein I get to taste some of the range of coffees roasted by Kevin McLoughlin of Coffee Mojo in Wicklow

Spud Sunday: Cuppa Spuds

The Sunday Times, coffee and the dreaded potato defect in Rwandan and other coffees

Fairtrade Is Fairtrade

Sure, this chocolate almond spread is like something you can buy in a jar, only nicer. And if I buy Fairtrade chocolate to make it, that would make it fairer, too.

The Cup Of All Fears

Butterscotch-glazed coffee shortbread bars: a gorgeous entry for the International Holiday Cookie Recipe Exchange & successfully executed, my cup measurement phobia notwithstanding

Champions Of Coffee

I become immersed in the world of coffee and coffee people at the Irish Barista Championships 2010.

Waking Up To Coffee

I was left feeling thoroughly educated in the matter of home-brewed coffee (and possibly a little light-headed) after a tutorial and tasting session with Karl Purdy at the Coffee Angel Training Lab

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Let Them Eat Biscotti

Cranberry biscotti, something which I believe has endeared me to my work colleagues. Lovely with coffee, yes, though I like biscotti best with a drop of madeira…