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Spud Sunday: A Bake Is Born

Introducing potato and aubergine (or eggplant, if you will) baked in a coconut milk and tomato sauce – it’s a kind of Thai-style curry in baked form

Asparagus Über Alles

Note that it necessarily needed it, but white asparagus gets a bit of a makeover in the shape of this gratin with coconut milk and lemongrass

Oats, Glorious Oats

A hamper of oats from Flahavan’s means that I’ll have this coconut soup with oatmeal high on my winter menu, alongside an awful lot of porridge

Spud Sunday: Soup For Thought

A hearty bowl of curried potato and cauliflower soup, inspired by Gorta’s SoupForLife campaign.

Postcard Perfect Porridge

Porridge goes tropical, cooked here with coconut milk & banana, spiked with kahlúa & scattered with kiwi fruit & a splash of cream. The midst of winter just got warmer.

The Meaning Of Dinner

Dinner can have many meanings, and not all directly related to the food. This Atul Kochhar aubergine, potato and tomato curry I made as a farewell dinner for a friend who has to leave Ireland to return home to Australia and will be missed.

What Not To Eat

Dietary restrictions, for whatever reason they are introduced or needed, can make healthy, balanced eating a challenge. This yellow curry with cauliflower and potatoes is something which will fit into many types of restricted diet.

Lemongrass and Lime

Some ingredients you can leave out of a recipe and some you can’t. This curry, for example, really needs the lemongrass and lime, both of which my sister forgot to put in one day…