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Spud Sunday: Early Days

It was all about the spud in Wicklow last Friday, with a visit to the Brady potato farm & a potato cookery session – including these grilled potato skewers – with Catherine Fulvio in Ballyknocken

Spud Sunday: New Books On The Shelf

My bookshelf overfloweth, with new titles from Catherine Fulvio, Sophie Morris and Domini Kemp, which have, among other things, inspired this cheese-filled potato and broccoli bake

Spud Sunday: Those Other Potatoes

Sweet potatoes finally get a look in on The Daily Spud, thanks to a lime-seasoned potato and sweet potato mash, as spotted in Catherine Fulvio’s new book, Catherine’s Family Kitchen

Fairtrade Is Fairtrade

Sure, this chocolate almond spread is like something you can buy in a jar, only nicer. And if I buy Fairtrade chocolate to make it, that would make it fairer, too.

That’s Entertainment…

Celebrity chefs: are they chefs first, entertainers second or the other way ’round? The Taste of Christmas theatre show made me wonder. No need to wonder about these cheese, sage and onion scones, though…

Spud Sunday: The Irish-Italian Job

Italian cooking may be more about tomatoes than potatoes, but Catherine Fulvio’s new book – Catherine’s Italian Kitchen – does have some Irish-Italian ideas for combining the two. Her potato and tomato bake is a case in point.

All In Good Taste

Taste of Dublin 2010 – there was granola, there was bubbly, there was Catherine Fulvio and there was much else besides

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Spud Sunday: The And Game

Strawberries and potatoes – love ‘em both, though not on the same plate, as this warm strawberry and brandy sauce will testify