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Tea’s Up

It was the simplest of ideas. To meet of a summer’s evening, drink tea and eat cake.

Gisela, from Life is a Festival, who organised yesterday’s Dublin Tea Up, asked only that you bring yourself, your favourite mug and a baked contribution if you were so inclined (and yes, as you’ll see later, I was).

The result was an Irish teatime gone into overdrive – currant scones and butter, rhubarb tart, swiss roll, iced buns, treacly flapjacks and more. There was even a lady who, in true Mrs. Doyle style, would (go on, go on) offer you one of her baked treats (you will, you will) until such time as you took it (which I did, I did).

Dub Tea Up

Tea from Clement & Pekoe plus lots of scones, cake, tart and buns

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Spud Sunday: The Year Of The Spud

Well, who woulda thunk it? On a Sunday in October, just about a year ago, The Daily Spud started a conversation with the world.

Happy first birthday to me!

Happy first birthday to me!

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Tea And Cake? Perfect

So the word is out. I like tea.

It shouldn’t really have come as a surprise, then, that I was contacted by the Campbell’s tea people, alerting me to the fact that they had recently won some Great Taste Awards and wondering if, perchance, I would like to give what they boldly title their “Perfect Tea” a whirl.

Alrighty, says I, you’re on.

Campbell's perfect tea

Campbell's perfect tea

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