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Spud Sunday: Wheat-And-Meat

A trip to Higgins Butchers in Sutton, Co. Dublin, where old school meat skills come in shiny new livery, and with an Il Valentino bakery alongside

Spud Sunday: Danish Potatoes

Joanna Schaffalitzky’s Foodcamp presentation urges us Irish to look to Denmark for culinary inspiration; we share a love of potatoes and bread and – from kartoffelmad to chip butties – a tendency to combine the two

Spud Sunday: Vive La Bread Revolution

This potato and rosemary flowerpot bread was just one of the many results of a day spent kneading, rolling, shaping and baking at the wonderful Firehouse Bakery and Bread School on Heir Island in West Cork

Spud Sunday: Gone Bakin’

This weekend has given me a real taste of West Cork, with mackerel fishing, bread making and the prospect of potatoes to come

Spud Sunday: Mixing It Up

Having received a shiny new stand mixer from the lovely Fairy Hobmother, there was nothing else for it but to make some of this yeasty potato-tomato bread

The Chocolate Meister

This chocolate bread was just one of the happy results of attending a masterclass on chocolate with Gerard Coleman of Artisan du Chocolat at the Dublin Cookery School

Spud Sunday: Bread For Thought

Potato upside-down bread made with soda bread dough, reminiscent of a deep-dish potato pizza or a potato focaccia but, then, not quite like either…


A most enjoyable few days at the Ballymaloe cookery school, learning a few things about baking with Rachel Allen…