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A Time To Bloom

As overheard at the food market at this weekend’s Bloom In The Park festival:

“I wouldn’t fancy that, now, jaysus!”

The speaker was maintaining a suitably safe distance from the Caribbean-style saucery on offer from Bad Boy Sauces, apparently not at all enticed by the lure of “Carribbean Cooking for Culchies“. Clear evidence that you can give an Irishman curry, but you can’t make him eat it.

Fortunately there was plenty of traditional fare at Bloom to satisfy the spice-averse – soda breads, jams, sausages, smoked fish, cheeses, apple tarts and boxty – while those with more international tastes could treat themselves to everything from locally produced madras curry sauce from Govenders and smoked almonds from The Good Snack Company to the eternally moreish sprouted chickpea hummus from Natasha’s Living Foods.

Artisan Food Market At Bloom

Artisan Food Market At Bloom:
Soda bread from The Foods of Athenry in Galway; Ardrahan cheese from Cork; Burren Smokehouse salmon from Clare; Boxty from the Boxty Bakers of Leitrim

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Putting The Ham In Sandwich

You may think that it’s all fancy dinners and the like ’round here, but not so, I tell ya, not so.

For instance, the other day, I rushed home to take delivery of…

Ham Sandwich From Denny

A truly authentic ham sandwich from Denny

…a ham sandwich. Yup. White sliced pan, something butter-like and Denny ham. No more, no less.

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Fruit, Abstracted

I do, as a rule, love grand displays of fresh produce. I see mounds of colourful fruit and veggies and I immediately want to relocate the lot to my kitchen so that I can have my wicked culinary way with them.

But what if the edibles are for display only and not destined to sate anything other than visual appetites? That, I’m afraid, I view somewhat differently.

The Keeling's Naturally Fresh Garden at Bloom

The Keeling's Naturally Fresh Garden at Bloom

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