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Postcard Perfect Porridge

Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia

Yes, right now I would rather be on a tropical beach somewhere. This one looks good.

Dear Porridge,

It’s not you, it’s me.

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Berry Berry

It is one of the hazards of being a food blogger that people will call upon you to address weighty matters during pub-time conversations, such as:

When is a berry not a berry?

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Spud Sunday: The Return Of The Spud Shake

When I saw that somebody had used the search terms “Potato Mc Shake” and ended up at The Daily Spud, I knew that it was time to revisit my potato shake, before the giants of the fast food industry stole my thunder.

So I boldly returned to where only I (to the best of my knowledge) had boldly gone before and went back to work on the spud shake formula, enlisting a few skeptical guinea pigs to sample the results.

In the end, there wasn’t that much to it. I took the basic formula of spuds, milk, honey and lecithin that had made its debut chez Aoife Mc, added a bit of salt, and topped up with mango for version one and banana for version two. The skeptics were really not quite so skeptical afterward and declared banana the winner and themselves spud shake survivors, which makes them members of a really, as yet, rather exclusive club!

And so, without further ado, I give you the spud shake formula and wonder when it will happen that future searches for “Potato Mc Shake” will bring the world, not to my door, but to the latest, em, “innovation” by a certain well-known fast food emporium…

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