Spud Sundays

Spud Sunday: New Season, Old Spuds

It may be time for potato planting, but this weekend I found myself harvesting instead

Spud Sunday: Super Spud Heroes

It’s that Organic Centre Potato Day time of year again and in a week, too, that saw a well deserved Irish Food Writers’ Guild award for Dave Langford and Dermot Carey and their heritage potato collection

Spud Sunday: Get Growing

So the Great British Spud Off is on the lookout for Irish entries – they want to know who can grow most from a single spud. Plus expect seeds & spud heads aplenty at the Organic Centre Potato Day in Leitrim this weekend.


Spud Sunday: Promoting The Spud

On recent media coverage of falling spud consumption following last week’s National Potato Conference and a recipe for a less than traditional way to serve potatoes, with a black bean and tomato sauce

Spud Sunday: Slow Spuds

On harvesting my crop of Dave Langford’s All Blue potatoes and on not taking food for granted

Spud Sunday: Remembrance of Spuds Past

Marcel Proust had his madeleines, I have my spuds: on the Remembrance of Spuds Past, when what potatoes taste of, mostly, is other times and other places

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Spud Sunday: Sure Who’d Want To Be a Millionaire?

Coming up with a winning flavour for a packet of crisps will bag somebody £1,000,000 – but it won’t be me.

Spud Sunday: Wheat-And-Meat

A trip to Higgins Butchers in Sutton, Co. Dublin, where old school meat skills come in shiny new livery, and with an Il Valentino bakery alongside