Spud Sunday: A Spud’s Museum

Chocolate potato fudge, as inspired by a visit to the Canadian Potato Museum on Prince Edward Island

Spud Sunday: Promoting The Spud

On recent media coverage of falling spud consumption following last week’s National Potato Conference and a recipe for a less than traditional way to serve potatoes, with a black bean and tomato sauce

Spud Sunday: Super Mash

Enough with the spud-bashing, folks. Potatoes can be good for you, especially so with recipes like this for kale & dillisk mashed potatoes, a (mostly) raw food version of colcannon (raw except for the spuds, that is)

Spud Sunday: It’s Complicated

From Jay Rayner’s new book – A Greedy Man in a Hungry World – to baked crisps from Irish start up, Veronica’s Snacks, the message this week is that food can be a complicated business

Spud Sunday: Paddy’s Spuds

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, so you want green & you want spuds, right? In that case, meet spudakopita – an Irish take on the Greek classic of spanakopita, with spinach, potatoes and some surprisingly Irish feta-style cheese.

Spud Sunday: A Bake Is Born

Introducing potato and aubergine (or eggplant, if you will) baked in a coconut milk and tomato sauce – it’s a kind of Thai-style curry in baked form

Spud Sunday: Bloomin’ Spuds

Bloom in the Park rolls around again, this year with potato cookery demos from Raymond Moran, inspired by which I make some fish cakes with Burren Smokehouse hot smoked salmon

Spud Sunday: Traditional Spuds

The new edition of Irish Traditional Cooking by Darina Allen of course includes a chapter on potatoes, and this recipe for potato drops – a variation on potato pancakes – is just one of the many included.