Spud Sunday: Bein’ Green

Potatoes roasted with green beans and garlic, tossed in a simple lemon and mustard dressing

Spud Sunday: Winter Buttermilk

Introducing winter buttermilk, made by fermenting flour with cooked & raw potatoes, and used in times past in Ireland as a substitute for buttermilk when making soda bread, that most iconic of Irish foods

Spud Sunday: A Bake Is Born

Introducing potato and aubergine (or eggplant, if you will) baked in a coconut milk and tomato sauce – it’s a kind of Thai-style curry in baked form

Spud Sunday: Food, The West Cork Way

As part of the new West Cork Food initiative, I got to fillet & smoke fish with the fabulous Sally Barnes; back at home, I made this potato and lentil stew to go with it

The Pickle Of The Crop

These slightly sweet pickled redcurrants are one way of making the short redcurrant season’s bounty last the year ’round

Once Upon A Mustard

Need mustard? Have mustard seeds? This spicy homemade beer mustard recipe might just interest you then…

Spud Sunday: ‘Twas The Day After Christmas

Redcurrant chutney, a new addition to the Christmas table

Spud Sunday: Star Of The Seaweed

Dillisk or dulse, a wonderfully savoury seaweed found on the shores of the North Atlantic, goes down a treat with spuds, a fact ably demonstrated by this dillisk-seasoned garlicky potato gratin.