Spud Sunday: A Better Bar

Potato chip chocolate from San Diego based Chuao Chocolatier proves to be in a different league entirely to Mr. Tayto’s crisps + chocolate efforts

Spud Sunday: Big Fish, Big Food

On Tayto and Tayto N.I. and the challenges posed to their crisps business by Big Food corporations like PepsiCo, plus an appeal to help Irish Seed Savers

Spud Sunday: Subtropical Spuds

National Potato Day is on the way again and, by way of bringing some colour to the event, I have some Canarian salt wrinkled potatoes with spicy mojo rojo and mojo verde sauces

Spud Sunday: It’s Complicated

From Jay Rayner’s new book – A Greedy Man in a Hungry World – to baked crisps from Irish start up, Veronica’s Snacks, the message this week is that food can be a complicated business

Spud Sunday: A Potato By Any Other Name

Bloom 2013 was, for me, all about potato varieties, be that a new book on Irish potato breeder, John Clarke; a look at classic Irish potato varieties & their uses; or new flavours of crisps from both O’Donnells and Keoghs

Spud Sunday: A Bar Too Far

Tayto chocolate with cheese and onion crisps. Did it have to happen?

Spud Sunday: Rose-Tinted Spuds

Mixing it up, spud-wise, with potato pinwheels, featuring mashed potato, goats cheese, toasted hazelnuts and spinach, rolled in puff pastry, sliced, baked and, quickly thereafter, eaten.

Spud Sunday: Young O’Donnell Had A Farm…

This week, I have, Santa-like, a rather large quantity of O’Donnells crisps to give away – 5 boxes worth to be exact. That’s if I don’t eat them all first, of course…