Spud Sunday: A Winter’s Soup

A simple soup for simple winter eating, made with potatoes, celeriac and dried split broad beans.

Spud Sunday: Recipes From A Jewelled Kitchen

Presenting recipes for red hot roasties & burnt tomato and chilli jam from The Jewelled Kitchen by Bethany Kehdy, her Middle Eastern cookbook launched this weekend at the London Food Blogger Connect conference

Spud Sunday: Darling Spuds Of May

The first new potatoes of the year lead me to the first potato salad of the summer, dressed with mint, lemon and garlic, among other things

Spud Sunday: Hold The Horses

After the recent horse-meat-in-beef-burgers scandal, these homemade potato burgers seem a much safer bet

Spud Sunday: Mine’s A Soup

Nothing like a drop of potato and beer soup to keep you well comforted and warm within – which is precisely what this recipe aims to do

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Spud Sunday: Irish Eating

Old and new Irish recipes abound, with the Goodall’s Modern Irish Cookbook & the ICA cookbook both newly launched. Amongst the recipes included are these ICA-inspired potato scones, firmly in the traditional Irish camp.

Spud Sunday: This Spud’s For You

Not only do I have spuds and crisps to give away courtesy of Keogh’s but, in anticipation of the upcoming National Potato Day, I’ve also made this patriotic little potato salad with a mint and orange dressing

Spud Sunday: The Spud Collector

Potatoes a la Grecque – a fancy-sounding name for just-cooked potatoes steeped in a wine-based marinade imbued with lots of Mediterranean flavour and just a little bit of sunshine