Spud Sunday: A Kitchen Cometh

Have been much distracted of late, with a new kitchen in the making and a flurry of upcoming food events, including Ballymaloe LitFest and a trip to Prince Edward Island, potato capital of Canada

Spud Sunday: Mashing Machine

A new gadget for an old problem: how to make proper mashed potatoes; I try out the Masha – a hand blender specifically designed for mashing potatoes – to see how it rates

Spud Sunday: Mixing It Up

Having received a shiny new stand mixer from the lovely Fairy Hobmother, there was nothing else for it but to make some of this yeasty potato-tomato bread

Spud Sunday: Mushy Mushy

It’s not all about good looks. This colcannon cake may have stuck to the non-stick pan, but it still tasted good…

Spud Sunday: Good At Mash

The pursuit of perfect mashed potatoes and the tips and tricks that I have picked up along the way, including a recipe for mash made with nutty browned butter…

Rate My Kitchen Fail

Some days in the kitchen are worse than others – use this handy scale to rate how bad your kitchen experience really was!

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Spud Sunday: I’ve Been Shunned

Not one but two Shun knives scored at IFBC – my cup indeed runneth over…

The Gingerman

Gingerbread men were a feature of my childhood, though I never had a fancy cutter then. Now that I had obtained such a cutter, it was time to recreate some gingery childhood memories.