Spud Sunday: Of Cabbages And Things

So, after several years of terribly trendy kale, it seems that cabbage is the new rising star. But, food trend or no, isn’t it ok to have both?

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Make Food, Not Excuses

A summer vegetable tian – otherwise known as a quiche in search of a crust – with slow-roasted herby tomatoes and courgettes – ’tis the Mediterranean on a plate

Dishing It Up For Ireland

A new national dish for Ireland? That’s what they’re looking for at the Só Sligo Food Festival. Wonder would my Irish coleslaw recipe stand a chance?

Spud Sunday: An Edible Irish Epic

Project Food Blog Challenge 3: the luxury dinner party. I’m going with an Irish menu all the way, including (ooh fancy!) a tri-coloured Irish vegetable terrine

Circus Of The Vegetables

Cirque de Légume perform as part of the Temple Bar Summer Sensational – a more creative use of vegetables I have not seen!

Waiting For Rhubarb

I finally get to try out a recipe involving rhubarb and beetroot tweeted to me by Michelin-starred chef Martijn Kajuiter – let me tell you, it was worth the wait.

Spud Sunday: In Handel’s Day

George Frideric Handel, saturated fat, the war on carbs and musically-shaped duchesse potatoes – we’ve got it all here…

You, My Friend, Are Not A Parsnip

My garden yields up its latest treasure – some lovely roots of salsify. It may look like a poor cousin to the parsnip but tastes much better – think asparagus and you’re there.