Spud Sunday: Of Spice And Spud

Events are conspiring against my efforts to study with Atul Kochhar, so I must study his book instead, from whence come these wonderful potatoes with cashew nuts.

Spud Sunday: The Great Aleppo Pepper

When life (or a fellow blogger, at least) sends you aleppo pepper, you use it as an excuse to make some savoury potato crêpes – if you’re me, that is!

Spud Sunday: Spicy Skins

These spicy potato skins mean that not only have I found a use for the harissa I brought back from my holidays in Tunisia but I will also be running out of it very soon…

The Great Oppression

Some vegetable are more challenging that others – turnip and cabbage in my case. I hate to waste food but I sometimes struggle with finding different things to do with these two.

The Gingerman

Gingerbread men were a feature of my childhood, though I never had a fancy cutter then. Now that I had obtained such a cutter, it was time to recreate some gingery childhood memories.

Old Spice

Caraway – perhaps not the most popular of spices in some quarters, but a very ancient spice and one that I am rediscovering. I’m particularly fond of adding it to stir-fried cabbage…

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Recession Bites

A piece of recessionary advice – eat more chilies, because you’ll want to eat less of everything else!

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