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Salads Are Go

Ok. The sun is out. I think it might be safe to make a salad.

A bean salad with a cider vinaigrette to be precise. Just because.

Well, no, not really just because. There is method in my saladness.

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The Daily Spud’s Dilemma

I was confused earlier today.

As to what I should eat for dinner, I mean.

Of course, it’s not an uncommon dilemma. Much has been written about the complex web of issues that can underlie the seemingly simple question of what to eat. In this case, however, it was merely a case of indecision brought on by the weather. I mean, if the weather can’t make up its mind as to what it is doing, then how, dear reader, can I?

See, first it was warm, unseasonably warm and gloriously sunny for days. Then it started cooling off, before the temperature then decided to take an outright nosedive, accompanied by whipping winds and a biblical downpour that pummeled everything that remained out of doors. Eventually, the deluge abated but it was still cool enough outside that I wasn’t up for ditching my trusty fleece layer. And today, there was sun again and, despite the earlier chill breeze, a bit of warmth in the afternoon.

All of this has played havoc with my internal menu signaling system. I can’t tell – is it time for a summery salad or a wintery stew?

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Posh Spicy Beans

If you haven’t already met, please allow me to acquaint you with some friends of mine. Yes, it’s time you got to know these Posh Spicy Beans…

habas mojados: roasted broad beans

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