Cheap As Chickpeas

If I had very little money to spend on food, I would buy dried chickpeas and live on things like these baked chickpea burgers

Spud Sunday: Christmas, Digested

And so another Christmas is eaten, though this recipe for potato and lentil soup was needed to get me through the pre-Christmas dodgy stomach phase.

Spud Sunday: The Way Of The Spud

A week spent on the Camino de Santiago has me nostalgic for Spain. I rustled up a version of caldo gallego, a soup with potatoes, greens and beans and typical of the fare eaten along the route in Galicia.

Salads Are Go

The Temple Bar Midsummer Festival is on the way and I have some cider vinegar and such to give away. If you win, you could use it to make this salad with black-eyed beans and corn…

The Daily Spud’s Dilemma

It’s the classic omnivore’s dilemma – what shall I eat today? In this case the problem was addressed with some rhubarb chard from the garden, which was joined in the pot by puy lentils and the result topped with fried onions.

Posh Spicy Beans

Ever since KD introduced me to these utterly addictive spicy roasted broad beans, I have been looking for a way to recreate them. I think I’ve come pretty close…

All Souped Up

This can be soup or this can be stew – either way, it’s a chunky, hearty mix of black beans and tomatoes, with a nice chili kick. A real winter warmer.

Mushy Chickpeas

I love hummus for the food that it is, and I love my pressure cooker, for the speed with which it allows me to cook dried chickpeas and thence turn them into one of my favourite snack foods.