Tipp Top Traas

It’s all about Tipp, with the recent Tipperary Food Producer’s dinner in Avoca Monkstown, followed by a weekend trip to Tipperary’s Glen of Aherlow and a visit to Con Traas’ wonderful apple farm

Topics: Events, Fruit, Travel

The Ghost Of Apples Past

Right now, I can think of no better (or easier) dessert than whole baked apples – made even better with apples from my mother’s tree

Lemon Alert

These days, if something is edible and within range, I’m likely to try adding lemon zest to it. These redcurrant shortbread bars are no exception.

You Say Cookies, I Say Eat

I might call them oaty biscuits, you might call them fruity oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, but I think we’ll both be happy to eat them

Whiskey Business, Part II

Lemony apple pudding with a buttery, creamy whiskey sauce – dessert as inspired by that ultimate winter warmer-upper, the Irish hot whiskey.

Best In Bramleys

Apples baked with honey, goat’s cheese, rosemary and an oaty topping – my entry for the Bord Bia Best in Season Bramley apple recipe competition and a winner in my book!

I Can Has Thanksgiving?

In which I make an application to borrow the Thanksgiving holiday – I’ll even make the cranberry sauce…

Oat Cuisine

In which I have the pleasure of meeting the Flahavans & seeing inside their family-run oat mill in Waterford. Plus some oat & apple breakfast muffins made in honour of the occasion.