Spud Sunday: New Season, Old Spuds

It may be time for potato planting, but this weekend I found myself harvesting instead

Spud Sunday: Get Growing

So the Great British Spud Off is on the lookout for Irish entries – they want to know who can grow most from a single spud. Plus expect seeds & spud heads aplenty at the Organic Centre Potato Day in Leitrim this weekend.


Spud Sunday: Slow Spuds

On harvesting my crop of Dave Langford’s All Blue potatoes and on not taking food for granted

Spud Sunday: Look S(h)arpo

Making a case for Sarpo Axona potatoes from the Sarvari Research Trust in Wales: high levels of natural blight resistance and not bad in the kitchen either.

Spud Sunday: Spuds On High

A inspiring visit to the Dublin Urban Farm, where, among many other things, 160 varieties of potato are now being grown for Gallagher’s Boxty House on a north inner city rooftop

Spud Sunday: Potato Days Are Here Again

I might have missed National Potato Day in the U.K., but there are a number of potato days here in Ireland to look forward to

Spud Sunday: Fight Or Blight

It was a champion day for naturally blight resistant Sárpo potatoes at the Tastefest with David Shaw from the Sárvári Research Trust, among many others

Spud Sunday: Father’s Spuds

This year’s Father’s Day will be marked in the best way possible, with a helping of newly dug spuds that my Da would have relished

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