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Spud Sunday: What’s In A Spud?

I’ve been called many things in my time, though “Guardian … of the Spud” was a new one.

That title was kindly bestowed by Aoife McElwain (she of I Can Has Cook) in her brand new Foodie News column in the Irish Independent weekend magazine. Needless to remark, it is a moniker that I will wear with pride (and perhaps even, as suggested by some, with an accompanying superhero-style cape).

foodie to follow

From yesterday's Irish Independent Foodie News

So, as Guardian (not to mention Promoter) o’ the Spud, it seemed as good a time as any for a no-holds-barred, down ‘n’ dirty nutritional profile of what is, after all, the world’s most widely cultivated vegetable. So brace yourselves, folks, you’re about to find out that there’s a whole lot more to this tuber than starch. Let the facts begin.

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Gym’ll Fix It

Swisssh, whirrrr, swisssh, whirrrr, swisssh, whirrrr, …

There was I, newly enslaved to the relentless motion of the exercise machine, with its glowing display of strides per minute and calories per hour. After what was my first visit to a gym in quite some time, I was, frankly, rather aglow myself. No prizes for guessing that, with the onset of a brand new year, I had made a resolution of the get-fit-and-healthy variety.

running shoes

[image from]

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Spud Sunday: Healthier Than Thou

My, but we have grown fond of tinkering with our food.

Our 21st century edibles are awash with low fat, vitamin-enriched, cholesterol-free labels. As consumers demand more and more bang for their grocery buck, it gets ever harder for an unadorned fruit or vegetable to just be. It seems that they must be both new and improved to attract our attention.

Perhaps that’s why scientists at Japan’s Obihiro University have been subjecting potatoes to electric shock treatment.

zapping a potato with ultrasound

Zapping a potato with ultrasound
(photo: Kazunori Hironaka / Press Association Wire)

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